Our Parent's Information Pack and updated home/school agreement is available below.  Although for many of us, life is slowly beginning to return to some level of ‘normality’ we need to be clear that the pandemic has not gone away and as per government guidelines, some general measures will need to remain in place. From time to time, our arrangements may need to be reviewed in the event of any increase in infections or changes in government guidelines

Although we are limiting contact between parents and school to appointment only - that does not mean we want you at arms length! We have always had an open school policy, we have just changed how we are open - we will still be at the end of a phone, answering Dojo messages and there to help in any way we can.

Again, I cannot use the term 'safe' but we have tried to mitigate risks as much as we are able.  

I look forward to seeing our families return this September. 


COVID-19 Parent's Guide: