At Stalmine Primary School we reconstituted our governing body following the statutory guidance published by the government in May 2014 which states all maintained schools are required to reconstitute their governing bodies before September 2015.

As a result of this need to reconstitute, our governing body consists of:

2 parent governors Mr David Holden and Mrs Kerry Beattie (Governors who are elected by parents)

1 local authority governor - Mr Steve Parsons 

1 staff governor - Miss Jo Clarke

1 head teacher - 

co-opted governors - Mrs Jo Hughes Hutchings, Mr Graham Dowson, Rev Dyllis Dickinson, 6 vacant posts (Governors who are approached directly to be on the governing body by the governing body because their expertise is considered useful to complete the skill set needed to run an effective governing body)

The maximum number of governors we can have is 14 and we currently have 7 with 6 co-opted governor vacancies.

The governing body has a full meeting once every term and there are also committee meetings once a term. The Chair of Governors meets regualrly with the head.

To see our Instrument of Government please use the link below.

Instrument of Government

To see our Governors' Register of Interests 2015/2016 please use the link below. This register is updated every Autumn and will be updated in November 2016.

Register of Interests

Governors who have served at any point over the last 12 months:

Mrs Cath Baxter - parent governor 21/11/12 - 20/11/16

Mrs Susan Fleming - co-opted governor 26/2/15 - 6/1/17

Mrs Louise Wareing - staff governor 8/10/10 - 31/1/17

Mr David Woods - co-opted governor 26/2/15 - 16/3/17

Mr Craig Parry - staff governor 22/2/17 - 22/6/17

Mr William Rooke - co-opted governor 23/5/07 - 27/6/17

Mrs Janet Bale - co-opted governor 26/2/15 - 27/6/17

Mr John Dickinson - co-opted governor 20/8/03 - 3/7/17

Mrs Rachel Cardwell - parent governor 7/7/16 - 5/9/17

Committees - Standards and Effectiveness

Mr Steve Parsons




Mrs Jo Hughes Hutchings


Miss Jo Clarke




Rev Dyllis Dickinson




Mr Steve Parsons

Acting Chair



Mrs Jo Hughes Hutchings


Mr David Holden