At Stalmine, the Humanities curriculum aims to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people.

Our high quality curriculum has been developed to provide pupils with a comprehensive knowledge of Britain and the Wider World; develop their understanding of Britain's past; provide a knowledge of significant locations across the world, along with key events in world history and a positive understanding and curiosity around cultures, beliefs and religions different to their own. 

The curriculum for Humanities at Stalmine has been designed to equip pupils with the skills to ask perceptive questions, think critically and challenge, consider evidence and develop a rounded perspective and judgement.

We seek to broaden children’s real-life experiences both inside and outside of school through educational visits, visitors, experimentation, exploration and discovery. Within lessons, our children acquire a range of knowledge and skills in History, Religious Education and Geography which they can then apply to other subjects and in a variety of situations.

We follow the Lancashire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. More information about this syllabus can be found here. 

Furthermore, it is our aim that through the study of cultures, beliefs and world religions and through historical and geographical learning, children will become understanding, tolerant and accountable citizens within their community; understanding their role in protecting our world and environment and knowing how they can cause positive change and development as they grow.



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