Safeguarding Information


At Stalmine Primary School, safeguarding is a shared responsibility. In order for our children to thrive they must feel safe and cared for. All staff at Stalmine School fully recognise the contribution they can make to protect children from harm and and to support and promote the welfare of all children at our school.  No single professional can have a full picture of a child's needs and circumstances. If children and families are to receive the right help at the right time, everyone who comes into contact with them has a role to play in identifying concerns, sharing information and taking prompt action. All of the adults at Stalmine Primary School work together to keep our children safe. 


Our children understand that they can talk to any adult if they are worried or scared but these adults have specific responsibilities for safeguarding in our school. 


Designated Safeguard Lead (DSL): Head Teacher, Mr Smith

Back up DSL: Assistant Head Teacher, Miss Clarke

CLA Champion: Assistant Head Teacher, Miss Clarke

Prevent Lead: Head Teacher, Mr Smith

Pastural Support Lead: SENCO, Mrs Parkinson


Safeguarding Policy 2023-24

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023

Whistleblowing Policy


Online Safety

Please see our Online safety page here



Stalmine School are proud to work with Lancashire Police within Operation Encompass. Operation Encompass was set up to provide early reporting to schools etc., about any domestic abuse incidents that occur outside of school hours to which a young person attending our school has been exposed, and which might then have an impact on their schooling the following day. Full information about Operation Encompass can be found here.


All schools must also have a member of staff who is the Prevent Lead. This person must complete the Prevent training and have a secure understanding of this area of safeguarding. At our school, Mr Smith, Headteacher, is the Prevent Lead.


Safer Recruitment

When recruiting new members of staff, at least one member of the interviewing committee must be Safer Recruitment trained. At our school, Mr Smith, Headteacher and Mrs Hughes-Hutchings, Chair of Governors are safer recruitment trained.


Safeguarding Training

Each year, all of the staff we employ must take part in Level 1 and Level 2 Safeguarding Training which is delivered by the Headteacher, LCC or through our on line training suite (SSS learning). They also receive any relevant documents relating to safeguarding including the annually updated Keeping Children Safe in Education Policy. Throughout the year, staff have regular opportunities to update their safeguarding knowledge and skills about specific areas of abuse/concern.



Good attendance at school ensures children make the best academic and social progress. To ensure good attendance for all children, we have specific procedures in place to ensure this is the case; this is part of our wider safeguarding work. Miss Clarke, our Assistant Headteacher, is our Attendance Lead.