Guidance for those with suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 self-isolating:


Guidance for those who have been advised to self-isolate due to having 'contact' with a confirmed case.


Work for those self-isolating

Teachers will provide work for you to complete on Class Dojo. In the case of the whole bubble isolating, your class teacher will arrange a zoom meeting in the morning to go through and explain the learning and work for the day. Please see our Zoom home/school agreement. 

Zoom Home/School Agreement


In the event that you have no access to the internet, a laptop or computer; school will deliver the work to you. If your circumstances have changed and you no longer have internet access or access to a devise, please contact school for paper copies. We have also ensured that there are plenty of activities that can be completed without online access and all work can be recorded in the exercise books provided. For those without access to Dojo, class teachers will check in on you via phone once a week, to ensure that you have all that you need.


Also there is a huge benefit at this time for family games; board games, dominoes, charades. Even if self-isolating, and where it is safe to do so, play in your outdoor space – gardens, backyards (not visiting parks or public places.) Enjoy games which involve throwing and catching, use soft items from indoors such as sponges, scarves, balloons, etc. bubbles using washing up liquid and wire to make a simple bubble blower, skipping, jumping, hopscotch, etc.


Additional online Lessons: 

These lessons are in addition to the lessons provided by your class teacher on Dojo. 


Oak Academy

Oak Academy is an online learning hub, to find out more click here


BBC Online Learning

The BBC have produced online learning for all year groups from Y1-Y6, they include daily English and Maths lessons, along with 1 additional subject per week. Simply click on the link below, select the relevant year group and subject that you require. The additional benefit of these lessons is that they can also be accessed via the 'red button' on your TV which will save the need for using a tablet/PC/phone device.


Maths Home Curriculum

Teachers will be setting Maths work via ClassDojo. However, if your child has a thirst for additional maths work, here are some ideas taken from the National Curriculum that you can easily work on at home. Just pick one or two bullet points to focus on over the week. If you are unsure as to which 'year group' your child is working at, please message your child's class teacher via Dojo. 

Please DO NOT attempt to do all of it! 

For examples of 'how' we teach Maths please see here

For the full curriculum see here