Home Learning Activities

Stalmine Primary School Time Capsule:

We're going to be making a time capsule.

Once pupils have returned to school, we will be burying it on the school site with instructions that it is not to be opened for 50 years. In 50 years time, some pupils may still be in the village and might even be asked to come back to school!

In it we will be putting a school diary of the current events and a few newspaper articles.

We would also like each pupil to write a letter to pupils of the future. In it they can talk about how they felt during this time; what it was like to have to stay at home; what they got up to at home - what a typical day might be; who they were with at home; how they got the shopping; the effect on their friendships and how they stayed in touch with family.

We will then put all of these in a scrapbook which will be buried within the capsule.


Online and E-Safety: 

All parents at Stalmine School have been given access to Britannica Online Encycopedia - this is recommended to be used for research rather than online searchers. However, where searches are being conducted online we advise the use of children's search engine www.swiggle.org.uk

It is vital that when using the links provided by school, pupils are supervised by an adult. Every effort has been made by all Stalmine Staff to ensure that all links are appropriate and suitable for pupils use.

Further advice on using the internet in the home and staying safe can be found on our E-safety home learning page here.



Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths


Daily activities with Maddie Moate



Lancashire Library - Virtual Lego Club


Turn your home into a Science lab (all be it a heavily supervised one!)



Grow your own rainbow



Home learning and family activities from STEM




Project work from STEM including computing and Design Technology



Home learning from NASA



European Space Agency



Natural History Museum, including a virtual tour



A range of home activities and resources from the Science and Industry museum



Encounter Edu: A fantastic site with a whole range of videos - you do have to register as a parent, but it is free



Additional links and ideas can be found in the link below


Art and Design


Ideas from the Lowry



Improve your skills:






Free songs



A useful twitter feed to follow is @DarrellWakelam or his hashtag #ArtJumpstart he has a range of arts and crafts ideas using everyday household items. You need lots of tape and some good scissors!


Garden Activities

A range of activities that can be completed either in your garden or as part of your daily walk (where it is safe and appropriate to do so)

Woodland Trust



Range of activities from the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)



Design your own garden



A range of garden activities from the RSPB


Nature and Wildlife


Home activity resources from the RSPCA



Blue Planet Live: a series of videos and follow up lessons and activities




Encounter Edu: A fantastic site with a whole range of videos - you do have to register as a parent, but it is free



Chester Zoo Home activities


Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge: https://www.chesterzoo.org/what-you-can-do/our-campaigns/sustainable-palm-oil/

Learn about the Rainforest: https://www.chesterzoo.org/news/take-your-learners-on-a-rainforest-expedition/

Also check out their YouTube channel for live videos of different enclosures at the zoo itself.


National Geographic: Kids site



BBC Earth:



BBC WinterWatch Live Lesson:


Health, Well-being and Exercise

 Joe Wicks PE 9:00am every day


Daily Dance classes with Oti Mabuse

NB Make sure you select Kid Classes


Change for life exercise and health activities:



Change for life healthy recipes



Kid's cooking recipes (with a little help from adults)



Tesco: Eat Happy Project, lots of videos about healthy eating





Guidance to support well-being 


General ideas

A whole range of suggestions can be found here:



Indoor activity ideas from BBC food



Home Scavenger Hunts

There are a whole range of these available online - please ensure that the adult finds the hunts not the children as not all sites are age appropriate. 


@PentagonplayUK have a host of ideas which they add to every couple of days. 


Lancashire PE:


Over the past couple of weeks the Lancashire School Games Organisers team, Active Lancashire and the Lancashire PE team have been developing a PE, school sport and physical activity resource/timetable.

The resource is centred around 4 key themes:

Move - resources that help children to achieve 60 active minutes.

Learn - Skill and sports skill development. Activities are adapted from the Lancashire PE Scheme Of Work.

Challenge - A weekly personal best challenge linked to the weekly PE Learn activity along with a current /trending challenge or other type challenge.

Play - providing ideas and resources for children to be active through play.


This website will constantly be updated as they develop new ideas. A new resource with updated links, games, PE tasks and challenges will be uploaded each week.

Please note these come with example videos on Youtube, we would recommend supervising your child whilst using Youtube videos to ensure they remain safe online. 


Year 1 & 2 Week 1  Week 2   Week 3

Year 3-6  Week 1  Week 2   Week 3


The Lancashire SGO’s are offering a Prize draw and any videos/photos that are posted on social media will go into this weekly draw. This is for children only! 

Please use the #LancsGames20 and share on the following channels

§ Twitter – @LancSchoolGames, @LancsPE

§ Facebook – @LancSchoolGames
§ Instagram – @lancashireschoolgames