The Stalmine Curriculum

Vision and aims

The Stalmine curriculum is one with the needs of the individual Stalmine child at it’s core. A curriculum which builds firm foundations for learning and which provides children with the knowledge and skills they can build upon throughout life. A curriculum to develop resilience, inspire, challenge, foster independence and instil confidence and individuality. A curriculum which puts Stalmine School at the heart of the community.

We believe that the curriculum goes beyond the National Curriculum and simply what is assessed. Our curriculum looks to broaden children's knowledge, learning and experiences. During their time at Stalmine pupils will have the opportunity for: 

Cultural experiences

Visits to the theatre, museums and art galleries, visits to farms, beaches, woodlands and rivers. Visits to cities; learn a new language and develop a wider knowledge of the world through studies of other countries, cultures, religions and traditions. 

Improved resilience and life skills

Taking part in competitions and residential trips; building relationships with the wider school community; learning to adapt to different situations; learning to relish challenge; become independent learners; grow in confidence; develop own morals and values; Learn to follow your dreams! 

Develop social and community skills

Consider the needs of others in after school and lunchtime clubs; understand that we all have our own unique skills and attributes; prepare for life eg using public transport; participate in school events; participate in charity events; participate in local events alongside the village and wider Wyre community; be part of a democracy through School Council and school and pupil voice. 

Develop creative mindset/skills

Learn to play a musical instrument; sing as part of a choir; perform on a stage; visit art galleries; meet artists and musicians; attend a live music event


Curriculum Design

Our curriculum is designed with input from children, parents, teachers, support staff and governors. The Stalmine Curriculum has the pupils' needs and learning at it's heart. Following the National Curriculum, it is tailored around our pupils to ensure that they are inspired, motivated, challenged and develop a life long love of learning as they acquire new knowledge and skills. 

Our curriculum is built around 5 main drivers:

  • Literature
  • Community and respect
  • Creativity and confidence
  • Resilience and determination
  • Challenge and enquiry


Here at Stalmine, we have mixed age classes and our curriculum is taught on a rolling two year programme,  ensuring all knowledge and skills are covered throughout the Key Stages. We have designed our curriculum to suit the needs of our school and community.

Our curriculum is regularly reviewed:

  • to ensure that it remains true to our core aims and values and is best suited to all of our pupils
  • to ensure that our curriculum enables pupils to deepen their learning and make clear progress within all subject disciplines,
  • to ensure a transferring of knowledge and skills across and between subjects  
  • to ensure a solid foundation on which to build all future learning.