19 April 2020

A range of pages have been set up within our website to support you and your child during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

We know you are doing A GREAT JOB!! Many of you are balancing home schooling with working from home; having to timetable in time for computer use or tablet use; as well as having to find time for yourselves and your own wellbeing. Whatever you are doing with your child will be FANTASTIC. Please ignore social media 'super parenting' as much as you can!! Nobody has an unlimited craft box or art supplies and believe me as much as social media would have you believe - being some sort of super human who can balance it all is no easy feat. And if you are able to do that - please let us know your secrets!!!
You know your children best, you know what your child needs and we are ALWAYS here to support you in whatever way we can.

As always, stay safe, take care. And we really can't wait to have everyone back in school. We are missing you all.


Home Learning: Online and E safety

Home Learning: Wellbeing (both pupil and parent)

Home Learning: Support for SEND

Home Learning: Home Learning Pack (additional to work set on ClassDojo)

Home Learning: Activities - additional activities that can be done at home suited to a whole range of children's interests

Home Learning: Local and Community Support