17 December 2018

This morning we were detectives investigating a Christmas Crime. Santa's sleigh was hijacked and crashed; all the presents were scattered everywhere and the sleigh was broken. Santa gathered 5 of his suspects: Colonel Candycane, Holly the Elf, Ivy the Elf, Blizzard the Polar Bear and Twinkle the Fairy. Our job was to use forensic science to investigate the evidence taken from the scene. The evidence collected included: finger prints, hair, foot prints and some chemical compounds which burnt with different coloured flames. We learnt that all finger prints are unique, we were shown how forensic scientists use powder to stick to the sweat left by our fingerprints. This powder then glows brightly under ultraviolet light. We were shown how every hair us unique, how footprints can be different even when you are wearing similar shoes to someone else. 

Once our investigation was over, the scientists showed us how to make bones bendy by leaving bones in vinegar for 2 weeks. They even tied one bone in a knot! Then we were shown the burn rate of different alcohols (not like the ones you have at home!), some made a loud bang and burnt with different coloured flames. 

It was a great start to the week!