Links Exlpore the Modern History Theme Museum


Ancient Greece The Olympics


Art An interesting art site.

Ask Jeeves A useful search engine.

At School A fun way of learning!

Baines High School Have a look at the Baines High School web site.

BBC online This is an extremely useful resource for all primary school children.

BBC Romans Learn more about the Romans


BECTA Tips for using ICT in Numeracy and Literacy.




Bullying A good web site for advice!


Caveman Walking with cavemen

Christianity Find out more information about the religion of Christianity.

Colour Mixing Explore the world of colour!

Create your own landscapes. A great way of designing interesting landscape scenery.

Creating Your Own Music Do you want to create your own music? Visit this site.

Design a Mosaic! Can you design and make a mosaic pattern?

DfEE Department for Education.

Dfee for parents Information for parents about what their children are learning in school.

Dig Potatoes Learn more about the Life Process

Digger Play on-line games with Digger and the gang

Dinosaurs Go walking with dinosaurs and explore

Dyslexia Assessing children with SEN.

Earlybirds Music Have a look at this great site!

Edcompass Interactive Whiteboard software

Educate the Children A good resource icluding lots of lessons plans and worksheets.

Egypt Learn more about Egypt

Emaths Interactive Resources for Numeracy

Enchanted Learning Lots of time filler activities.

Essentials Explore each subject in detail

Google Search Engine

Ground Zero Look at images taken in New York of the rebuilding of Ground Zero.

Henry VIII Learn more about Henry VIII and his wives

History History for kids

History Walking through Time

ICT in Schools Fulfilling the Potential

ICT Oxon  Whiteboard resources

IndiaExplore a village in India

Kented A long list of web links!!!!

Last Minute Lesson Loads of ideas that are quick to access.

Listen and Write Writing activities, audio poems, a gallery of children's work and much, much more!

Literacy Lessons Ideas for Literacy lessons

Literacy Time Ideas to help in the Literacy Hour.

Live webcams Look at images taken from web cams around the world.

London at War Experience London at War

Map Zone A children's site put together by Ordnance Survey.

Mape Onscreen big books for Numeracy and Literacy.

Maths Year Good Maths resource

Mathshpere Ideas for teaching the Numeracy Hour.

Megamaths Megamaths tables

Music Information Resources for teaching music.

NASA for kids Find out information about the Earth and Beyond!

National Curriculum View the National Curriculum documents.

National Curriculum Find samples of work under different levels.

NATURE GRID Go to our classwork page for more relevant links!

Nrich Maths More maths resources

Numeracy Games There are lots of activities for you to try at home.

OFSTED View OFSTED reports online.

Parents Online A new official web site with information for parents.

Primary Games A web site full of different educational games, mainly mathematical.

Primary Resources A fantastic web site containing many worksheets, lesson ideas and other useful resources.

Primary Worksheets Different worksheets are available - mainly mathematical.

Primary Zone Children can have great fun learning through games.

Puffin Book Club Buy books online.

QCA Educational information.

QCA Schemes of Work Download schemes of work put together by the QCA.

RE links More RE resources

Request Great RE site

ReviseWise This is a great site for children in Year 6, who are preparing for their SATs.

Rivers and Coasts Learn more about Rivers and Coasts

Romans Interactive Romans website

San Fransisco Orchestra Have a look at this web site! It's great!

School Assemblies Need ideas for assemblies?

School Zone RE Resources for RE

Schoolsnet Register and gain entry to a fantastic web site.

Science On-line science activities

Sections of the Bible Did you know that it illegal to photovopy pages from the bible?

Spelling Play on-line spelling games

Spywatch The on-line look and read adventure

Stories Interactive stories

Teacher Express More teaching ideas!

Teacher Network Have a look for ideas!

Teacher Xpress Fantastic resources for many areas of the curriculum.

Teaching Ideas Re Ideas

Teaching Measures A great web site full of interactive games to help children grasp the measuring.

Teaching Money A great web site full of interactive games to help children grasp the concept of money.

Teaching Resources Loads of ideas and resources.

Teaching Tables A great web site full of interactive games to help children grasp the concept of multiplication tables.

Teaching Time A great web site full of interactive games to help children grasp the concept of time.

Tecahing Pets Lots of ideas for all areas of the curriculum.

The Mummy Create your own mummy

The RE site Teaching resources for Religious Education.

Thinks Brain teasers and quizzes.

Time to Teach Resources and ideas.

Times Educational Supplement Read the Times Educational Supplement online!

Top Marks All areas of curriculum plus interactive whiteboard resources.

Tracey Beaker Follow the adventures of Tracey Beaker

Tudors Find out more about The Tudors

Typing Skills Practise your typing!

USA Look at images taken across the United States of America.

Using ICT Linking ICT to the rest of the curriculum

Victorians Play Victorian games

Victorians Find out about how people lived in the Victorian times.

Viking Quest Follow the Viking Quest and see if you can survive!

Vikings Explore the Vikings in more detail

Virtual Reality Tours Play games and go on a tour.

Virtual Teacher's Centre Information for teachers.

Walking with beasts Create your own beast and go exploring

Woodlands School FANTASTIC resources

World War 2 Learn more about World War 2

World War 2 Play the rationing game