Wider Opening of School

As of Monday 15th June, the Director of Public Health for Lancashire revised his guidance regarding the further opening of schools. 

Further details of this can be found here. 


In summary:

In discussion with the Chair of Governor's we are in a position to offer places to some pupils from 22 June.

Following the current guidance, due to the number of Critical Worker and vulnerable children, lack of space and a small staff, we are not in a position to be able to offer places to as many pupils as we would like.

Please see the letter for further details. 

Wider opening letter

As it stands:

Reception are able to return to school from Monday 22nd June

Year 6 are able to return to school from Monday 22nd June.

Due to an increase in the number of critical worker pupils, details such as drop off /pick up times have been updated.

These can be found in our Return to School Pack within which is also our Home/School agreement. 

Return to School Pack

We will continue to review the ever changing guidance in the hope that we will be in a more favourable position.