The Stalmine Curriculum


The Stalmine Curriculum has been designed with the pupils' needs and learning at it's heart. Following the National Curriculum, it is tailored around our pupils to ensure that they are inspired, motivated, challenged and develop a life long love of learning as they acquire new knowledge and skills. 

Here at Stalmine, we have mixed age classes and our curriculum is taught on a rolling two year programme, to ensure all knowledge and skills are covered through the Key Stages. We have adapted the Lancashire Curriculum materials to suit the needs of our school and community.

Our curriculum is regularly reviewed:

  • to ensure that it remains true to our core aims and values and is best suited to all of our pupils
  • to ensure that our curriculum enables pupils to deepen their learning and make clear progress within all subject disciplines,
  • to ensure a transferring of knowledge and skills across and between subjects  
  • to ensure a solid foundation on which to build all future learning.

Whole Curriculum

Key Stage 1 Rolling Programme For the academic year 2018-19 KS1 are working on Year A 

Lower Key Stage 2 Rolling Programme For the academic year 2018-19 LKS2 are working on Year A

Upper Key Stage 2 Rolling Programme For the academic year 2018-18 UKS2 are working on Year A







Phonics and Spelling