21 May 2015

I have been contacted by Lancashire County Council who are offering to provide us, from September 2015, with a School Crossing Patrol on Mill Lane. We're really excitied about this as not only will it allow people who live on the other side of Mill Lane to cross safely for school but it should also ease congestion on Mill Lane with cars during the school run because some of you might choose to park on Old Tom's Lane or Moss Side Lane and walk up to school.

There is no guarantee that we will actually get one yet as I have been told that the council will need to recruit someone to do the job - so, if you know of someone who might be interested in working for about 5.5 hours per week doing this much needed role please encourage them to apply.

Once the council have done their risk assessments they will give us details of how they will advertise and recruit the post and we can pass this on to any interested parties. We are happy to take names and details of any interested applicants and we can ensure they are passed on any information on how to apply once it becomes available so start asking around and let's see if we can find someone to apply for the job!