23 April 2015

As many of you will have noticed this year the Festival is relocating to Wyre Villa. A few weeks ago, when the first Festival meeting was held here at school, it was discussed that, in time, the festival should become a whole village event once more and attempts need to be made to encourage it to grow and develop as a community activity. It has to be said that over the last few years school has found it increasingly hard to plan, organise and run the event with all the other pressures it faces. Since this meeting we understand that a Festival Committee has been formed and the venue has been altered. Although school would have been very happy to host the event this year we are also very pleased that Wyre Villa has made itself available and it certainly appears that the newly formed Festival Committee has got some exciting plans to develop the Stalmine Gala. As a result of the relocation FOSS have now planned a Summer Fair which will be held here at school on Friday 19th June 2015 between 3.30pm and 5pm. Further details about this will be available shortly!