12 January 2015

This Half Term to raise the profile of reading in school we are going to have an extreme reading competition. The aim of extreme reading is to remind children that reading can be done in many places and is a fun activity. To take part in our competition you have to take a photo of your child reading their favourite book in an extreme place - one of the few rules is that children must be safe as we do not want any injuries!

This competition is also open to parents; so come on mums and dads and see if you can think of some weird and wacky places to be photographed reading. Please do not use photoshop for any of the pictures as we want them all to be genuine ones of our children.

The competition photos will be judged over the half term  break and the winners announced on our return to school. There will be a prize for our favourite photo in each year group and also one overall parent winner so start planning where you will take your photo!

Good luck and happy reading, Mrs Foster