20 October 2014

As many of you will be aware, we have been celebrating good behaviour every Friday with 'Top Table' where four children who have behaved well at lunchtimes have an opportunity to eat their lunch at a specially laid table with a cloth, nice glasses, fizzy water and treats such as after dinner mints. Until now the children have been allowed to invite a chosen friend to accompany them to this table and to share in their success.

From Half Term we have decided that 'Top Table' will now move to Thursdays. And instead of having to invite a school friend the children will now be able to invite a family member to this celebratory meal. 

How this will work in practice is that if your child is chosen to attend Top Table they will be given an invitation during Friday's assembly. The invitation will be to attend the table the following Thursday at 12 noon. If they choose to invite a family member we will have to apply a small cost (£2.45) as unfortunately we are unable to fund the visitor's lunch due to budget limitations within school. 

So far, the children have loved being invited to Top Table and we hope you will be able to find someone to attend if your child is selected for this reward.