We teach from the 2014 National Curriculum. Please use the links below to find out what the content is for each year group at Stalmine in English and Maths. If you look at all the year groups you can see the clear progression as the pupils develop their skills and knowledge in each area. Below the English and Maths curriculum overviews is information on the content of the other curriculum areas for each class. If you have any queries about what we teach please ask the class teachers for further information as they will be happy to discuss the curriculum taught in more detail.

Year 1 English and Maths Curriculum

Year 2 English and Maths Curriculum

Year 3 English and Maths Curriculum

Year 4 English and Maths Curriculum

Year 5 English and Maths Curriculum

Year 6 English and Maths Curriculum

In the afternoons we follow a two year rolling programme for our other curriculum areas to ensure we study everything we need to learn. From September 2016 we are excited to be adopting Lancashire's Curriculum Planning as we feel it offers a very broad, balanced and engaging approach to the curriculum.

Key Stage 1 Rolling Programme

Lower Key Stage 2 Rolling Programme

Upper Key Stage 2 Rolling Programme

In order to improve outcomes for our pupils we have compiled a set of non negotiables for each year group. These do not reflect the full curriculum we teach them but are the key skills we feel they need to have grasped thoroughly in order to be able to access the next year's learning.

Nursery Non-Negotiables

Reception Non-Negotiables

Year 1 Non-Negotiables

Year 2 Non-Negotiables

Year 3 Non-Negotiables

Year 4 Non-Negotiables

Year 5 Non-Negotiables

Year 6 Non-Negotiables